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Tour de Mod Teil V: Scott Fraser Simpson, Hong Kong / London

Diesmal habe ich Scott Fraser Simpson befragt. Scott ist in der britischen Landschaft der Modernisten - obwohl erst 23 Jahre alt - bei weitem kein "unbeschriebenes Blatt", denn er ist Inhaber der Scott Fraser Collection und Style and Classics Vintage Menswear Emporium (zwei in der Szene sehr angesehene Bekleidungsunternehmen).

Er schreibt und unterhält des weiteren den Blog

Abgesehen davon ist er am Cover des Buches "I'm One: 21st Century Mods" von Horst A. Friedrichs zu sehen. Scott kommt ursprünglich aus Hong Kong, lebt aber in London.

Hi Scott! Thank you for being part of this "Tour de Mod"! How and when did you get interested in the "Mod"-Lifestyle? How did your style evolve since then?

I started out getting into the scene when I turned 16. I got a Vespa 50 special, joined a local Brighton scooter club and started going out to a few night clubs with them and the got hooked from then on.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Movies, Magazines, the Internet?

I like to mix up different looks. The internet helps to get reference from different eras and also opens up avenues of discussion with different people. I also collect vintage clothing as well as selling them (Style and Classics Vintage Menswear Emporium) and I've found that through doing this I've been able to come across so many pieces of clothing from a variety of different eras. 

What is the core of being a "Mod"? Is it just clobber or a whole lifestyle for you?

For me it's about dressing up and presenting yourself in the way you want to be seen. I personally get satisfaction from putting a slick outfit together over throwing on something that took no thought or consideration. It's about enjoying what this scene has to offer but also about making it want you want, start nights, wear something different etc. - break the mould.

How did it come that you are on the cover of “I'm One: 21st Century Mods” by Horst A. Friedrichs?

I met Horst several years ago when he was documenting the New untouchables nights, from then on we became good friends and when he asked me if I wanted to shoot the cover, based on his character and for a friend, it was a no brainer.

Do you think it is different to be a Mod in England to other countries? Is there still a vibrant scene where you live or is it (again) just a bunch of very few hardcore stylists? Does your origin (as you were born in Hong Kong) has an impact on your style?

I think different countries scenes vary but I like travelling to them to see how they do it. The Spanish know how to party. Italians know how to dress. My style is a mixture of the different vintage styles I like, I don't try to replicate or mimic what came before - you've just got to bring something fresh to it so it doesn't stagnate. 

How important is Music for you and who is your All-Time-Favourite?

There are so many artists and genres that I'm interested in. Music is such a big part for me - ask me one week and I'd say it was all about Latino funk the next week late 50s jazz. It's all how I'm feeling but as long as it's got a good beat I'm on it.

Do you have some favourites amongst celebrities who claim to be "Mod"?


For you, running your own clothing business... How was that idea born? What is your main inspiration for the “Scott Fraser Collection”? Do you look back only to the 1950s and 1960s or is there any significant influence from "Today", too?

The Scott Fraser Collection was founded in London during the summer of 2013 under the concept of Retrospective Modernism – the notion of keeping one eye on the past, but the other firmly set to the future.

The brand and the designs are a result of an obsession with detail, and are inspired by the contemporary modernist movement in and around the UK and Europe over the past decade.

The aim of the collection is not to replicate pieces from yesterday, but to reinterpret these timeless icons of design, using them as a source of inspiration for today-ready clothing, luggage and accessories. S.F. cements these essential details into current ready-to-wear pieces, in order to preserve them for decades to come. As a mark of respect.

I get inspiration from everywhere, it's hard to pin point exactly where I find it. A colour of a jacket I see on someone, details on vintage pieces I have or something I notice from contemporary street style etc.

Running Style and Classics Gove me a platform to share vintage clothing with people- by selling or sharing the history behind garments or labels. These stories sit on my blog alongside updates and the workings of the S.F. Collection.

Der Seesack der Scott Fraser Collection sieht fantatisch aus!

Scott Fraser Simpson ist einer der Mod-orientierten Dresser, der den Grundgedanken von "Mod" im Sinne von stetiger Veränderung und der Kombination verschiedenster Einflüsse zu einem harmonischen Ganzen versteht und auch lebt.

Noch einmal danke für das Interview!

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